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UI - Improved City View (Vox Populi with EUI) 11.0

City View improved... even more!

  1. Infixo
    New version 11.0 posted 7.12 - Works with non-SmallUI.

    Well known Improved City View, with even more improvements. Requires Vox Populi with EUI.

    Continuing the work of Meister Maggi, I have added some more changes:
    - Redesigned Great Person Meters, slim and informative
    - New box with Great Works
    - Buildings shown with the most important information only - name and yields (plus a simple flag indicating great work slots, theming bonus and assigned specialists)
    - "Invested" flag in production queue (imported from VP)

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Recent Reviews

  1. ryanmusante
    Version: 10.0
    Must have addon for every player