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Undead Civ (BtS) Modular 2016-10-05

Undead Civ (BtS) Modular

  1. strategyonly
    Do NOT rate. Pls use thread for comments and suggestions.

    This is partially the Skeleton civ plus some.

    Units included: Acrobat for scout, Ashbear for Explorer, chariot, Manes for Warrior, Reaper on Horse for Cuirassier, Reaper w/sandclock for Axeman, Skeleton Archer for Archer, Skeleton HorseArcher for Horse Archer, Skeleton Spearrider for Crossbowman, Skeleton Swordsman for swordsman, Skeleton Spearman for spearman
    Leaders name is Undead.

    Now i want to improve and add alot of things to all of these civs i am making, so ideas/suggestion needed, thx.:rolleyes:

    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=243611