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Underhill's FFH Unit Pack 1 2016-10-05

Underhill's FFH Unit Pack 1

  1. MrUnderhill
    Underhill's FFH Unit Pack:

    Included in this pack is a set of 6 units for Fall From Heaven, but they work well for other fantasy mods as well. The units are:

    Sudarshana* (Malakim archer replacement)
    Final Fantasy-style White Mage
    Sheaim Nihilist* (Conjurer replacement Based on Magus from Chrono Trigger)
    Malakim Priest / Prophet*
    Lanun C'thulhu Dreadnought
    Mercurian Valkyrie

    Units marked with an asterisk have one or more alternate skins available, usually marked with an additional letter after the name. To use them, simply rename the original skin something else and remove the extra letter from the alt.

    The Sudarshana and Prophet alts have lighter skin so they fit in better with existing Malakim units. The Nihilist already has normal skin, but the alt looks much more like Magus.

    Also included is a sample ArtDefine XML file using the new unit graphics; just paste it into the main file and away you go. However, no actual unit data currently exists, as I'm leaving that up to the FFH team.