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Unfinished: Civ4 WW2 - Tactical Mod 2016-10-14

An attempt to convert Civ4 into a tactical WWII mod, which I am unable to finish.

  1. Merkava120
    I'm dropping modding for a long time, and I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever have a chance to pick it up again, so I figured I would leave my work here.

    Basically, this is an unfinished attempt at converting Civ4 into a tactical mod based in 1943 or so. It's built with the idea that each tile represents 20x20 meters, and each 'city' represents one battalion. Cities can build national wonders called things like "Engineer Company", "Tank Company", etc., which enable them to build units of that company. Building a 'squad leader' unit would spawn the rest of the squad via python.

    So far there are around 10 civs, each representing one type of division of a country (USA Armored division, Wehrmacht infantry division, etc.), with three countries - the Soviets, the Germans, and the USA.

    The mod previously used Vincentz Rangedstrike as a base DLL. When I stopped working on it, I was in the middle of writing a complex python rangedstrike button that would replace the DLL; detailed plans for this are in Docs/Planning for Python Rangedstrike.

    So far, I have only completed units for the USA's Engineer Battalion (able to be built by any US division via a USA dummy tech) and the USA Armored Division armored recon battalion units. I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, so most of the files in the Docs folder are full of research into unit organization, to keep the numbers of units for each company as real as I could.

    In addition, I changed the jungle feature art to various buildings, to make it a little more realistic to European battlefields. I also added a few python buttons to represent grenades, rifle grenades, mines, etc.

    Right now, the mod will not work unless you comment out the rangedstrike stuff in the python. I think units will then be able to rangedstrike using the basic Civ4 ranged combat, but I would advise downloading Vincentz Rangedstrike to use with this mod; it makes it a lot funner.

    I did not add any art to the mod yet; I just used various BTS units to represent the WWII units. As such, all of the work in this mod was done by me and you can feel free to use any of it however you want without having to credit anyone.

    הֱיֵה שָׁלוֹם!