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Unique Balance 2016-10-05

Unique Balance

  1. elistor
    Unique Balance - Forum

    Every Civilization now has two unique units and one unique building. Unfortunately I am NOT an visual artist so all the animation's are borrowed from the basic units the unit flags are thanks to ELChucko. When they fix Nexus I might look into reskining some of the existing units but that's not going to be for some time.

    Civilizations that gained units:

    Arabia - Bedouin Warrior
    Doubles movement on desert, Slightly increased strength. Replaces Swordsman for The Arabian Empire.

    Aztec - Eagle
    The Eagle replaces the scout for the Aztec Nation. Eagle's cost 25% less to upgrade and gain XP 10% faster, this promotion stays with them upon upgrading.

    Babylon - Royal Chariot's
    Royal Chariot's have an improved defensive strength, and +1 ranged combat distance at the cost of one less movement. Replaces Chariot Archers for the Bayblonian Empire.

    China - Huochong
    Plus 1 Movement and Improved defensive combat strength. Replaces Trebuchet for The Chinese Empire.

    Egypt - Central Security Forces
    Sacrifices some combat strength for a 50% boost in City Defense. Replaces Mechanized Infantry for The Egyptian Empire.

    India - Gorkha
    The Gorkha gain an extra attack and continue to heal even while fighting. Replaces Infantry for the Indian Civilization.

    Iroquois - Forest Scout
    The Forest Scout replaces the scout for the Iroquois. Forest Scout's are able to embark from the very beginning, allowing them to explore a much wider range of territory.

    Persia - Cataphract
    Cataphract cost a third less to build and have a slightly higher strength at a cost of requiring both horses AND iron. Replaces Knight for The Persian Empire.

    Russia - Red Army
    The Red Army doubles it's movement on rough terrain. Replaces Rifleman for The Russian Empire.

    Siam - Elephant Artillery
    Elephant Artillery Receive a +100% combat bonus against horse units. Replaces Cannon for The Siamese Empire.

    Songhai - Mandinka Bowmen
    Mandinka Bowmen have a slightly increased strength,and are able to build roads and trading posts. Replaces Archers for The Songhai Empire.

    Civilizations that gained buildings:

    Celts - Dún
    A Celtic Unique building, it provides the City with +8 Defense, +2 Culture, and +10% Production of Land Units. It replaces the Castle.

    England - Abbey
    Abbey's provide 2 culture and 2 food, and if the city has access too a wine resource they gain another for free. They replace the Monastery for the English Empire.

    France - Château
    Château's Eliminate Unhappiness from an Occupied City, provide a slight increase in city defense, generate 2 culture and increase the cities gold by 10%. They replace the Courthouse for the French Empire.

    Germany - Brewery
    Brewery's Provide one Wine and 3 Happiness. City must have a source of improved Wheat or Wine nearby. Brewery's replace circus's for the German Empire.

    Greece - Bouleuterion
    The Bouleuterion costs one quarter less to build than a standard courthouse and only costs 3 gold to maintain. They replace the courthouse for the Greek Empire.

    Japan - Shrine
    The shrine receives 2 culture and after Archaeology is researched +2 production per turn. Shrine's replace monument's for the Japanese Empire.

    Mongol - Yurt
    The Yurt supplies new land units with +15XP and 50% more culture from the city.
    Yurt's replace the Barracks for the Mongolian Empire

    Ottoman Empire - Medrese
    Medrese generate +50% Science, +1 Science from worked River Tiles, and +2 culture. Medrese replace universities for the Ottoman Empire.

    Rome - Forum
    A Forum increases a cities gold by +25%, +2 culture and +1 happiness per turn. Forum's replace the market for the Roman Empire.

    United States of America - Radio Drama
    Radio Drama's double the culture output of a City and increase Happiness by +2. Radio Drama's replace the Broadcast Tower for the American Empire.

    The Mongol Building is based off the DLC Mongol Civilization.
    The Babylon unit is based off the DLC Babylon Civilization.
    The Celtic building is based off Kaels "Queen of the Iceni" Mod.
    All Unique Units now have Custom flags thanks to ELChucko.
    Added WHYS "Building Resources - Template" LUA code so that buildings may provide resources.

    Just an FYI, if you have a civilization mod and would like me to include it instead of sticking the third unique in your mod(thus possibly ending up with your civ being the only one in a game with a third unique) just let me know(you can either give me the entire XML file for the Unique or just give me a concept or leave it entirely to me I'm good with any of them.), this also goes for anyone who finds a civilization mod they really like just give me the CIVILIZATION_NAME or at least point me to the exact name of the mod and I'll try to include it.