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Unique Building - Thermae (v 8) 2016-10-05

Unique Building - Thermae (v 8)

  1. isnorden
    Adds the Thermae (public baths) as Rome's replacement for the Garden; includes a related wonder, the Baths of Trajan.


    * +20% chance of Great People appearing in the surrounding city.
    * +1 to local Happiness.
    * +1 Gold and +1 Culture per turn; these bonuses double after the player discovers Civil Service.
    * Unlike the Garden (which they replace), Thermae can be built in any Roman-controlled city; a natural source of fresh water isn't needed, but the city must already have an Aqueduct.



    * Only Rome may build; unlocked at Engineering.
    * Acts as a free Thermae where it is built; must have Aqueducts in every city.
    * +1 Artist specialist slot.
    * +20% chance to spawn Great People in the same city.
    * +3 to Happiness; Civil Service _does not_ increase this further.
    * +10% to Gold and Culture empire-wide; Civil Service _does not_ increase this further.



    * Made this mod compatible with four fan-made Roman civilizations, in addition to the "standard" Rome (see next section).



    * Although it isn't strictly necessary, I recommend using WHoward69's "UI - Multiple Unique Bonuses" mod with this one.
    * The following fan-made Roman civilizations may be combined with this mod, as of version 8 --

    * JFD's The Empire of Rome (Constantine)
    * GPuzzle's The Republic of Rome (Julius Caesar)
    * LeeS's Rome (Scipio Africanus)
    * TarcisioCM's Rome (Aurelian)

    Please let me know if you've created another Roman modciv and want it compatible with a future release of my mod.



    * This mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion pack. It should also work normally with Brave New World; I see no reason for a separate release, because I couldn't find a historical Artifact or Great Work associated with the Baths.



    * To WHoward69 from the CivFanatics forums, for proofreading my code and allowing me to use his mods as a guide.
    * To LeeS from the forums, for helping to correct two of my worst errors.
    * To the authors of all the other Roman civs listed above, for allowing me to link my work with theirs.
    * To the graphic designers at VRoma.org, for their CGI reconstruction of the Baths of Trajan.


    1. trajan_splashscreen_6OF.gif