Unit-Mania Addon 4 World Scenario (ToT)

Unit-Mania Addon 4 World Scenario (ToT) 3.3

@Kestrel 's excellent stand alone addon 4 world scenario in his Unit-Mania series for Test of Time.

Original description below taken from his readme. Additional info:

Unit-Mania 4 World Scenario
Includes 4 maps - Earth , Undersea, Orbit & Alpha C.

16 Mar 2000 - Version 3.3

New Terrain ! ... New Units ! ... Linked Maps !


Scenario offers - 4 Maps, 4 Worlds - Earth (Surface), Undersea, Orbit & a different planet of Alpha Centauri than the one normally visited, with the first 2 in synch in order to attempt create a 3-D effect.

Scenarios are "Random-Start" in an attempt to increase the variety of replay.

4 Different kinds of Submersible can travel between Sea Surface and Undersea (including near invisible Sea-Mines) Each has different characteristics.

Shuttle can travel to Orbit, ferrying certain units with it.

Building Spacecrafts to get to Alpha C. is not required as there are technology secrets to be found in the archaic structures in Orbit.

Aliens live, love & breed on Alpha C.

Based on "UNIT-MANIA" Mod-pack.

Other mods from the Original Unit-Mania include the delay of Railroads
till later in the game (Too easy to build an empire and maintain it with "Frictionless, infinite move Railroads") and greater Unit movement allowances.

Stinger unit and Clipper Ship Unit also recycled to make room for the Aliens.

Note also that only certain units are allowed on AC. (No horses for instance).

Also reverted to most of the new Civ2-ToT unit graphics - I suspect we should be used to them by now.

But I kept the Settler and the Warrior and the Phalanx graphic from the original game as it is my perception that they are easier to tell apart than the ToT variants.

Note that the changes cannot easily be used as a mod-pack as the system allocates maps randomly, destroying the Submarine capabilities. In addition I have had trouble coding up certain events for those tribes not in the game and have theerfore had to hard code the "Gazpichi" as the Alien race of choice. Therefore Use as a Scenario only.

3 Scenario options provided :

- Medium Sized World from 4000B.C. (Random-start) (60 by 90)

- Medium Sized World from 2000B.C. (Random-start) (60 by 90)

- Medium Sized World from 4000B.C. (60 by 90)
(Good if you don't want to wait till end game to experience AC)

Don't play as the Aliens (Gazpichi) unless you want a really boring game for a long long time.

Though it is not required you can find Kestrel's OriginalPlus Unit-Mania Modpack here:

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