Unit-Mania OriginalPlus Modpack & 3-D Scenario (ToT)

Unit-Mania OriginalPlus Modpack & 3-D Scenario (ToT) 1.6

@Kestrel 's excellent enhanced original Unit-Mania 4 world modpack & "3-D" scenario for Test of Time.

Original description below taken from his lost website:

"Unit-Mania" OriginalPlus Modpack V1.6

This Cut-down "Purist" version of my earlier Unit-Mania Modpack
(complete with matching updated Civilopedia and Advice) file)
is designed so that it can be used with any "Original" saved game
to spice up your early or mid or late game experience.

In addition to using all of the extra unit slots in Test-of-Time for various extra 'real-world' units,
it also corrects a number of minor bugs / inconsistencies in the original Civ II game.

Simply save your existing game, load the OriginalPlus Modpack into your Original folder
and then continue playing with the Many more unit choices suddenly available to you
(and, of course to your opponents, human or AI).

The OP Modpack includes a new variant of the my Lighter Earth Terrain as well as new Unit & City Graphics and some new Animations.

ALSO AVAILABLE !!!! (as at 02 Nov 2002)

which simulates a 3D world allowing Undersea (Deep Ocean)
and Stratospheric travel for certain units
Simply download all the Unit-Mania Original-Plus files above,
load into a separate directory under your test-of-time directory
Then load these Addon files on top, overwriting where necessary.

The Undersea-Stratosphere-Addon ZIP file also contains an optional MOD that will allow you to
colonise Alpha Centauri once your starship lands there (no Aliens there though).

For his other unit mania addon that includes Orbit and Alpha C go here:

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