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Unit Rebalance Mod 1.1 2016-11-18

The mod is worth it for just changing 2 policy cards alone since it completely changes way you play at the beginning of the game. Units changes are alright, although in my opinion, spearmen & pikemen are still mediocre, but it has more to do with timings at getting cav (easy to get knights, then you get fast cav that requires 2 pikemen to kill at least since they don't upgrade well before atomic etc.).
I quite like this mod. Unit balance is for sure better then it used to be.

I'm playing giant Earth map with ai moded and ai fills up whole map with cities. So I had to rebalance units a bit more. I'm going for domination :D

I used your mod and edited original game file a bit more (never really tried modding).

I increased modern bomber ranged strength to 110 (otherwise I'll never clean the map and bombers on default do no dmg). I reduced their strenght to 60 and I'm thinking of lowering it more. In my late game AI is actually building jet fighters and I want my bomber if intercepted to be shot down as it would get shot down in reality too.

jet fighter movement increased to 9, strenght to 90 and ranged strenght to 90 also. Maybe I should lower ranged to 85 since it fights their jet fighter but also damages town. Now both sides lose half hp. They still suck for cities, which is good. But they're good vs modern armor and vs other jets. Which is their role in RL too. I'll probably increase their interception range to 8-10 if possible hopefully resulting in more fights and have cpu cover more air and intercept more. So that if I'm not carefull my bombers will be dying.

Rocker arty is at 115 ranged, overal strenght at 50. Gets those -17 penalty vs armor, but hits cities nicely, which it should, it's slow and now it has some obvious strenght and is usefull and 2-3 of those destroy city in reasonable time. I'm not sure if strenght 50 is enough for it to die the moment modern armor or modern infantry touches it, I dn, haven't had one attacked until now. But if it doesn't, I'll lower it more. I want it to be abel to survive attack from units from previous eras but die instantly if touched by ground units from modern era.

I also changed destroyer strenght to 100, movement rate +1, I think it should also have view range increased to 4, since it's role is to be a bit in front and be "eyes" for the rest of the fleet. Strenght at 100 so it's usefull for face to face fights.

I don't use anti air units, but if the thing does takes 50% less dmg then it delivers to air units and has range of 5-8 (so it cover a lot of airspace and makes air attacks costly if those are on the field) and if AI starts using them one day, I think it would be quite nice.

So my idea is sort of like this: Anti air cover a lot of air space, shooting bombers with 1 shot, and dmging jet fighters in a way they have big advantage. So if a lot of them, air space is closed and the only way is to dispose of them with tanks and rocket artillery.

So you're left with taking cities with tanks and arty.

I dn, in this way, I think if ai hasn't got air covered it plays like civ V, but when it has air covered arty and tanks have still enough strenght to conquer cities.
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