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Unit Reclass 1.1

Slight change to end game unit classes.

  1. ITcore
    Small mod that changes the end game units.

    1. Unzip the file to C://Users/Username/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods.
    2. Startup the game, click on 'Additional Content' at the main menu, and ensure that 'Unit Reclass' is enabled.
    3. Play.

    Melee Units
    • Infantry no longer upgrades. +8 Combat Strength.
    • English Redcoat now upgrades into Infantry.
    • French Guarde Imperiale now upgrades into Infantry.
    • Digger no longer upgrades. +8 Combat Strength.
    Light Cavalry
    • Mechanized Infantry moved to Light Cavalry. Promotion is Light Cavalry as well. Added Light Chariot class for a small buff along with -5 Combat Strength and 4 Movement to bring it closer to Helicopter. Upgrades from Cavalry.
    • Cavalry upgrades into Mechanized Infantry.
    • Russian Cossack upgrades into Mechanized Infantry.
    • Helicopter gains Aircraft class. Retains Light Cavalry promotion class.
    • Helicopter now requires Aerodrome to produce.
    In my mind, these changes make sense. Foot soldiers will always be there on the battleground. Mechanized Infantry, based on the US Army M1126 ICV, are support vehicles. As such, they make a lot more sense, to me, to be the final light cavalry unit. Also, AT Crew and Modern AT make much more sense now.

    For the Helicopter, I felt that it should be moved to the Aerodrome and complement the aircraft class by being a land-based quick strike aircraft. The promotion class didn't make sense for it so I left it with the light cavalry promotions. I did add the aircraft class to it so it should be vulnerable to Anti-air units.

    Looking Into
    • Giving Mechanized Infantry the ability to carry Infantry the way a Carrier can carry Aircraft.

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