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United Kingdom for BTS 2016-10-05

Requested by Kensington888; this is a United Kingdom civ for BTS. It's based on the England civ, except that it has the flag from Desert War, a new button and a new UU (in addition to the Redcoat) - the SAS from my upcoming Falklands War mod. It's the same as Mozza's, except I gave it an M-16. It' does overwrite the original England civ (I thought the two would look stupid on the same map) but it's modfoldered so you can choose which one to play with. It should be possible to use it with another mod, so long as that mod doesn't use new tags, via WinMerge.

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Version 2 Update 4/2/10

Applied the SAS fix
Regimental system for Redcoats - they now carry the name of famous British infantry units
Flying Pig
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