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United Nations Earth with TSL (198x199) 1.3 beta 1

Azimuthal Equidistant Projection of Earth as in the United Nations flag.

  1. blackbutterfly
    Prompted by the start locations bug in the Fall '17 patch I decided to create my own TSL Earth map in the spirit of the scrambled maps.

    I'm very exited to share this ginormous Earth ("mapzilla") at 198x199 of the map on the United Nations flag. It is the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection of Earth from the north pole.

    It has approx. 70% water, a Saharan, Arabian & Australian desert, an Amazonian & Subsaharan African rainforest and an inhabitably frozen Antarctica. 198x199.

    You'll need top of the line hardware and a graphics card (with lots of VRAM) for it (a supercomputer basically). Or turn your graphics settings to min.

    If you are unable to play the whole map, as a consolation, two maps of the hemispheres "Top" & "Bottom" and "The New World" (Americas) are included.

    For an entry level games machine map generation (for half-maps): ~5 mins. Save game load: ~1 min.

    TSL (Alpha)

    1. From Advanced Settings check True Start Locations.
    2. For the "Top" map, remove all but 5 AI players (base game); remove all but 8 AIs (R&F).
    3. Optionally set max. city states.

    (Optional) TSL support for CIVITAS North American City States & TCS South American City State Pack ->

    Please post any bugs on discussion or Steam. Check Steam link for known issues/bugs.

    DEVELOPER NOTES: If you are unable to load a map, try it in WorldBuilder.