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Unofficial Patch for Vanilla 2016-10-05

This includes all the changes made possible through XML editing that were added in Warlords.
Quarries give +1:hammers: with railroads
Expansive gets +50% production for workers, and just +2:health:
Creative gets cheap Libraries
Organized gets cheap Factories
Jaguar gets Woodsman promotion instead of 25% jungle defense
Bureaucracy: High upkeep
Representation: +3:) in largest cities
Civil Service requires Mathematics
Pyramids cost 500
Colosseum cost 80
Masonry has higher religious weight
Marines and SAMs no longer upgrade to Mech Infantry
Chariots get +100% attack vs axeman but only 10% retreat
Horse Archers get 20% retreat but -10% city attack
Redcoat and Cossack nerf
Pinch requires Gunpowder
Spiral Minaret gives +2:gold:
Castle gives 1 trade route but obsoletes with Econ
Shrines immune to nukes
Praetorians no longer obsolete with Civil Service
West Point requires lvl6 unit
Added stable
Added Blakes Improved AI (2/12 build)
Barracks were not changed

Change MOD = 0 to MOD = Unofficial Patch in your Civ4.ini file or copy the files into your custom assets folder to make it load everytime.
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