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Update 2 Second half of the 19 century onwards single player mod 2020-03-08

Single player 19 century mod

  1. Snodmaulvenn
    Single player mod from 1850-1939. From 1939 on mod is not yet finished. Mod does not have a name yet.

    It is playable but not yet finished.
    I have not yet play through it, only a little on debug mode. So if you get some typos i apologize in advance.
    If you spot some contradictions in unit balancing, placement in techs and so on, or if you have some recommendations comment it.

    31 Nations starting in the age of the Second industrial revolution.
    Nations are locked in alliance according to sides in second world war.
    There are four sides: Allies, Axis, Soviets and Neutrals.

    Units stats are balanced based on mass in tons, on how much were produced, what type of weapons they have, armor, speed and so on.
    Units are also not balanced proportional.

    There are some fictional units added in early stages of the game, those are steam tanks. These steam tanks are very strong even compared to later game units, but are also more costly.

    Pictures are from cgi artists sites or screenshots from other sites.
    Sound samples are from other games.
    Units and game art is from Civfanatics site and from other mods.

    Thanx to all who make units and game art

    Update: added some 10 tanks from 1940 and 1941, added commandos, added tank factories.

    Issiues: City growth doesnt work, as it is limited in editor, instead each city just grows beyond its limits regardless if it has aquaduct or not, dont know why this happens.
    Annoying X squares appear on techs indicating that buildings are obsolete, dont know how to turn it invisible.



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