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*UPDATED: 8/14*: Westeros.Game of Thrones.ASOIAF 2016-10-05

*UPDATED: 8/14*: Westeros.Game of Thrones.ASOIAF

  1. TheBeast
    **UPDATED 8/14**

    Here's a huge (64x115) map of Westeros, the fictional setting of the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin and now of the HBO series "Game of Thrones".

    -Bigger (land added north of the wall)
    -Bonuses and terrain adjusted
    -Start positions included:

    1. The North (Winterfell)
    2. The Riverlands (Riverrun)
    3. The Vale (The Eyrie)
    4. The Westerlands (Casterly Rock)
    5. The Crownlands (King's Landing)
    6. The Stormlands (Storm's End)
    7. The Reach (Highgarden)
    8. Dorne (Sunspear)
    9. The Night's Watch (Castle Black)
    10. The Iron Islands (Pyke)
    11. The Wildings (Hardhome)
    12. Dragonstone (Dragonstone)

    Addressed Issues:
    -Vastness of the north: more tundra/snow. bonuses adjusted.
    -Dorne: lots of desert, but rivers have floodplains to provide more food.
    -Some rivers might still look a little funny. I'll try and remember to correct them.
    -The wall: just mountains with three spaces for eastwatch, shadow tower and castle black

    My ultimate goal is to make an even bigger map (~128x104) to include parts of the other continent (Essos), but thats just an idea.

    Anyways, let me know what you all think, as I want this map to work well. The file is in .zip and includes: a XC4DME file for civ 4 map editor and a BTS Worldbuildersave file.

    See forum thread here:



    1. westeros_58Z.jpg