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Updated Fortified Alert 1.11

Fortified Alert - Now Alert Guard
Allows you to place units on guard, who will then wake when alerted by enemy units in sight.

The hot-key is currently G, but can be changed by modifying keychoice at top of the lua:

local KeyChoice = Keys.G

This mod uses UnitPanel.lua as it was the only way I could currently incorporate a new operation.

Note: newest version has the turn chime already commented out, so if you wish to enable you must comment back in (remove the dashes --)
If you wish to disable turn chime, or change sound, look for this section: ~line 3722
---------------------Turn A;ert -----------------------------
    local pPlayer = Players[iPLayer];
    if pPlayer:IsHuman() then
    UI.PlaySound("Play_MP_Game_Launch_Timer_Beep"); ----------edit to change sound
Remove or comment out if you want to disable. (of course now I notice the typo in Alert).
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Latest updates

  1. Alert Update

    I am not sure how to save custom data for a saved game yet, so units will load as just regular...
  2. Skip-turn fix, added healing units

    Tried to add a work around for skipping turn when unit wakes, but that part is not working...
  3. Optional Update - Testing

    This update changes the way plots are scanned. It is a simpler method, that hopefully better...
  4. Update Bug Fix

    Update: Found a glitch where units on guard near map border would cause error that stopped that...
  5. Update for Religious Units

    Updated so sleeping religious units will be woken by nearby religious units of other players...
  6. Optional Update for Different Hotkey

    It was pointed out to me that anpther mod uses D as a hotkey so I posted this optional update...
  7. Update Added Hotkey

    Added hotkey for Guard action: D Sorry I omitted in previous update, I was honestly...
  8. Fortified Alert Update - Experimental

    I have added a guard action to fortifiable units. I am not good with art, so I had to use the...
  9. Fortified Alert Update

    Fixed an error where certain plots would return nil and stop function.
  10. Fixed update

    Fixed lines I forgot to comment back in

Latest reviews

I have depended on this Mod to save my butt several times. Especially since healing units also awake now, this Mod is essential for all players to install! Kudos on making of the Mod my friend, keep up keeping on, we need more mods!!
A unit sentry-function should have been in the game right from start. This mod provides it very well.
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