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Updated Fortified Alert 1.11

Added Guard command in new experimental version

  1. gyogen2
    Fortified Alert - Now Alert Guard
    Allows you to place units on guard, who will then wake when alerted by enemy units in sight.

    The hot-key is currently G, but can be changed by modifying keychoice at top of the lua:

    local KeyChoice = Keys.G
    This mod uses UnitPanel.lua as it was the only way I could currently incorporate a new operation.

    Note: newest version has the turn chime already commented out, so if you wish to enable you must comment back in (remove the dashes --)
    If you wish to disable turn chime, or change sound, look for this section: ~line 3722
    ---------------------Turn A;ert -----------------------------
        local pPlayer = Players[iPLayer];
        if pPlayer:IsHuman() then
        UI.PlaySound("Play_MP_Game_Launch_Timer_Beep"); ----------edit to change sound
    Remove or comment out if you want to disable. (of course now I notice the typo in Alert).

Recent Reviews

  1. Cosmic Fox
    Cosmic Fox
    Version: 1.11
    I have depended on this Mod to save my butt several times. Especially since healing units also awake now, this Mod is essential for all players to install! Kudos on making of the Mod my friend, keep up keeping on, we need more mods!!
  2. Mentos
    Version: 1.06
    A unit sentry-function should have been in the game right from start. This mod provides it very well.