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Upgradable Heroes (for FfH2) 2016-10-05

Upgradable Heroes (for FfH2)

  1. cyther
    My modmod allows most of the civilization and religous heroes to upgrade into a more powerful form at some of the late-game techs. It also adds a new unit for the Grigori Civilization that can train them in the acts of war.

    Download Instructions:
    1) Download File
    2) Unzip and add the files to the Assets/Modules and Text folders
    3)The most important thing is that the ONLY thing which is changed in FfH itself, is to change the first setting in the .ini:

    ; Modular XML Loading
    ModularLoading = 0 
    Changes to

    ; Modular XML Loading
    ModularLoading =1 
    4) Start up a game and begin upgrading your heroes

    Only compatable with FfH2 version .4 patch s

    Main Thead

    More installation information can be found at Xienwolf's Modular Mod Thread