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Uprising Empire 1.0.0

adds Revolt to the game.

  1. Separatism + migration + better compatibility with other mods

    sorry for not having given news for so long, so finally update is here,

    Sepratism : When You make peace or defeat a player every city you decide to keep will become Separatist, more the city have citizens and culture per turns more it will be long to change the city culture, culture is based on who found the city, the only way to change a city culture is to have 0 separatism in the city.

    1. War migration, citizens will flee country who have War Exhaustion, more WEP = more migration, will search ideal city who have less than 10 WEP.
    2. Religion Migration, citizens will flee cities who have a negative religion stability, more heretics = more migration, will search an ideal city or country who follow his religion.
    3. Government Migration, citizens will flee country who have a negative Government stability, Worst Government stability = more migration, will search an ideal city who have a positive government stability and a different government
    4. Separatist Migration, citizens will flee cities who is separatist, more city is separatist = more migration, will search an ideal city who have his culture and is not separatist (come back to his original country)
    What is "ideal city":
    every city have an attractivity depending on :
    • City at war have 0 attractivity
    • City who are closer have an attractivity bonus (max migration distance depend on era goes from 20 plots to 100)
    • Citizens prefer not changing country if possible (more attractivityif same country)
    • Citizens prefer city with positive loyalty (more loyalty per turn = more attractivity)
    • Citizens prefer city who have housing and food surplus
    • Citizens prefer City with amenities
    • Citizen prefer cities who have district and more gold per turn
    • citizen prefer city who have wonders
    more a city is attractive more it will get Migrations

    So now what took me so much time is better compatibility with other mods, changed every file now I only use the notification file from the game... expect it will work

    Have fun
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