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Uprising Empire 1.0.0

adds Revolt to the game.

  1. Disable notification, Chose number of killed player, add better water unit

    Disable Notification cause it could crash the game (only Loyalty notif)

    You can now chose player who will be killed at start and appear later in the game after a colonial riot:
    Random: chose the number of random civ that will be killed (same continent kill players on the same continents)

    Other Continents : kill players that are not on your starting Continent (that are separated by water)

    Only Certains players : chose any civ you want to see as colonial

    Only Certains alive players : Chose civilization that will be killed from civilization currently in the game

    Water unit now won't siege city but will be more powerfull depending on Era

    x2 more Elite unit always depend on loyalty

    colonial riot cap is now -500
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