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USAF Stargate Command Rising Tide 2016-10-05

USAF Stargate Command Rising Tide

  1. kingchris20
    Adding more Stargate to Rising Tide where there was none before.

    To activate the LUA code required for the Shield of Atlantis:
    Select the mod and click next
    On the very next page that lists the mods you have selected, click the X in the top right corner to go back
    See the message "Configuring Mod Data"
    Click next again and continue on as usual

    This must be done due to LUA code not loading unless the mod is reloaded once to activate the LUA code.

    USAF Stargate Command - Rising Tide version

    Leader: Lieutenant General George Hammond

    Trait: Galactic Exploration Airmen
    Grants a unique SG Explorer. 10 Combat Strength and +1 additional visibility range. SG Teams consist of 4 members, as such they may work 4 expeditions before returning to base.
    Personality: Shield of Atlantis
    While ZPM-level energy reserves are maintained (1,000 energy in reserve), Colony-wide outpost defense is doubled, and Stargate Command receives 15 extra city hit points and orbital strike range is increased by 3.
    Unit: SG Team (upgradeable to numbered SG Teams)
    Colonist: Asgard Advisor
    Spacecraft: Terran Orbital Defense Network
    Cargo: M.A.L.P.
    Civilopedia: Complete Backstory showing the SGC's sour relationship with ARC and the selection process for Lieutenant General George Hammond
    Spy: Familiar Spy Names for Stargate SG-1 fans

    Diplomatic Captial
    Upgrading Hammond's Character Personality Perk - Shield of Atlantis
    Opens with +100% City Strength, +15 City Hit Points, and +3 Orbital Strike Range.
    Level 2: +200% City Strength, +20 City Hit Points, and +4 Orbital Strike Range.
    Level 3: +300% City Strength, +25 City Hit Points, and +5 Orbital Strike Range.


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