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[v.4] Renaissance Era Revised 2016-10-05

[v.4] Renaissance Era Revised

  1. zwei833
    Updated to v.4 2016/9/28
    - all the icons are clearer now
    - 2h swordsman, Pikeman and Tercio have new running animation
    - 2h swordsman and Rodelero have no more bouns against Landsknecht
    - a UserSetting file is added into the mod folder, which allows player to choose different unit graphical options
    - Gripsholm now yield 2 culture

    Updated to v.3 2016/8/9
    - fix DLC dependency issue
    - new unit icon for Free Company
    - Technology Large Weapons renamed to Large Cold Arms
    - Rewrite part of unit codes, which would greatly improve new civilization mods' compatibility. Credit to Chrisy15, who rewrite the code

    Edit: 2016/1/19

    I updated the mod. Added referance to Enthic Diversity and R.E.D, to make sure the unit scale of new units would be proper if you use R.E.D, still no diversity graphic for new units, though.

    Not affect the save files.
    Renaissance Era Revised

    STEAM Release!
    Direct Download | Steam Subscribe
    Forum Thread(please discuss in the forum thread, don't post comment in the file below)



    The Renaissance Era Revised, also known as RER, is a WIP mod revise the military unit system of renaissance era, with new units, technologies, and new graphics. The main goal of the mod is to provide players a more historical-feeling renaissance warfare gameplay. RER is fully compatible with Pouakai's Enlightenment Era.

    This mod features in:
    -two new renaisaance era military technologies
    -Add Reiter as an renaisaance cavalry unit, upgrade from Knight and upgrade to Cavalry(Cuirassier with EE)
    -Add Two-handed Swordsman as an early renaisaance era melee unit, upgraded from Longswordsman and upgrade to Rifleman(Line Infantry with EE)
    -Remove Lancer, add Tercio, which is the main and most powerful combat unit of renaisaance era, upgrade from Pikeman and upgrade to Rifleman(Line Infantry with EE).
    -Spain now got Rodeleros UU as replacement of Tercio
    -Musketman is now a range unit, which upgrades from Crossbowman and upgrade to Gatlingun(Skirmisher with EE)
    -Landsknecht is now a Renaissance mercenary, add Free Company as a Medieval mercenary
    -New unit model for a few existed units and other minor changes

    You can find further information on the WIKIA PAGE


    Screenshot of the units:
    Spoiler :

    The tech tree:
    Spoiler :

    The tech tree with Enlightenment Era:
    Spoiler :

    The RER units upgrade paths, the arrows in grey colour refer to unit upgrades with Enlightenment Era:

    Merge More Wonders' Gripsholm Castle Wonder:
    Gripsholm Castle

    Requirements: Unlocked at Pike and Shot. City must be built next to Fresh Water. Costs 400 Production Production.
    Effects: +1 Population in all Cities. +2 Food Food on Lakes. +1 CultureIcon Culture, +1 Greatperson Great Artist Point.

    Current Progress

    Beta Version released at 2016/1/15

    -All 3d arts are already done
    -All 2d arts are done, but still need improve
    -The coding is almost done


    -Compatible with all JFD's gameplay mods, and have special support for JFD's Mercenary
    -Compatible Pouakai's Enlightenment Era
    -Not compatible with overhaul mods
    -To new civilizations mods, RER should be able to run with them. However, as RER change the style of Musketman, Landsknecht and Lancer(though it is removed, technically, Reiter is the UNIT_LANCER), if any UU in new civilizations replace those units, may cause some balance issues. And authors may find that some UU would be more historical-properly if they replace new units in RER. It is impossible for me to solve those problems, the only way to solve them is new civilizations mods' author add support to RER.

    To modders:
    The mod id of RER is: 66f38ce9-fc7b-448d-a7db-949d105b9b9f
    You can detect whether RER is enable with the SQL code below:
    If you need any further mod support information, please contact me, I would provide you as more as I can.

    Credits List

    Zwei833: Main author
    Whoward69: Coding assistance
    Enginseer: Coding assistance
    JFD: Coding assistance, Civilopedias (from ItRD), unit flag icon (from Mercenary)
    taube: Unit flag icons (from GAIA mod)
    DJSHenninger: icon backgrounds
    Nutty: Unit retexture
    sukritact: Original author of Gripsholm Wonder
    Pouakai: Original author of Gripsholm Wonder
    Bakuel: unit graphics

    Feel free to use any RER's element in your mod, but remember to give credits;)

    what is needed now

    -a quote text for the technology Pike and Shot

    -sometimes I think the unit name 'Reiter' is too German and 'Tercio' is too Spanish, any better name for them?

    -if you want to add anything in RER, please tell me your idea!

    -if you have any opinions, ideas or thoughts on RER, please tell me too


    1. rer_quare_8M1.jpg
    2. civ5screen0274_6sH.png
    3. civ5screen0276_823.png