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V.D.R.N. V.01 2016-10-05

V.D.R.N. V.01

  1. Echo of Celts
    V.D.R.N. is a Modpack created from 4 Mods and a small modification that I have combined to create an action packed Civilization adventure.

    V - Varietas Delectat V3.3 by Avain
    D - Dale's Combat Mod V1.2 by Dale
    R - Revolution V1.26 by jdogg5000
    N - Not Just Another Next War Mod V1.12 by Jkp1187

    Also included is a Global Warming Change by Lt.Bob that drops fallout in place of desert.

    The Point of this Modpack is to extend the Epic Game via Next War, Add some diversity via Varietas Delectat and to create a much more involved game of Civilization, provided by Dale's Combat Mod and Revolution. All this is done while staying true to the original epic game in that there are no new tech before the Future Era, no new buildings, religions, civics, leaders, ect.

    For details on what each Mod adds to the experience, please refer to the original posts.

    Some highlights off what you get in the mod pack.

    - AI Autoplay (Revolution)
    - Ability to Change Civ during game (D.C.M.)
    - Expanded Future Era (N.J.A.N.M.)
    - Multiple New Units in the Modern and Future Era's (D.C.M., N.J.A.N.M.)
    - All the Combat Additions of D.C.M.
    - Multiple New Events
    - Civ Rebellions and Revolutions (revolution)
    - Game expanded up to 34 Civs (revolution)
    - The amazing Ethnic Unit Diversity of Varietas Delectat

    *A note, the Civ Customizer Option in Dale's Combat Mod has been disabled, to enable follow instruction's in Dale's post.

    *I take no credit for the work done by these amazing modders, I have only done the work to merge these mods into one package.

    Originally the modpack was intended to include a WW2 era expansion mod such as Wolfshanze, however difficulties in merging such a mod into the package were too much to overcome at this time. Such an addition may be included in the future.

    The Modpack has been tested by myself and as far as I can tell, All mods are functioning properly. Any problems or bugs you come across please let me know.

    I will do my best to update this modpack as the mods included in the package are update by their respective authors.