Valeria 2016-10-05


  1. kid anubis
    here's Valerina Messalina, Empress of Rome

    This is my first attempt at a LH, so be kind :)

    (i'll add an image as soon as I figure out how...)

    I based Valeria off of Zerver's Scheherazade. I made her a more 'goth' with the eye liner, lipstick, and nail polish, mostly to try and differentiate her more for Zerver's.

    I only edited the file from Zerver's LH.

    here's the xml:
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    Valerina Messalina II[\H1][NEWLINE][BOLD]Empress of Rome[\BOLD][NEWLINE][BOLD]Lived:[\BOLD] 17 - 48[NEWLINE][PARAGRAPH:2][BOLD]Background:[\BOLD][PARAGRAPH:1]Valeria Messalina, sometimes spelled Messallina, (c. 17/20 - 48) was a Roman Empress as the third wife of Emperor Claudius. A powerful and influential woman with a reputation for promiscuity, she conspired against her husband and was executed when the plot was discovered. [PARAGRAPH:1]Messalina married her second cousin Claudius who was about 48 years old. During the reign of another second cousin of hers, the unstable Roman Emperor Caligula (reigned 37 - 41), Messalina was very wealthy, an influential figure and a regular at Caligula's court. Claudius was Caligula's paternal uncle and was becoming influential and popular. Claudius probably married her to strengthen ties within the imperial family.[PARAGRAPH:1]Messalina became the most powerful woman in the Roman Empire. Claudius bestowed various honors on her: her birthday was officially celebrated, statues of her were erected in public places and she was given the privilege of occupying the front seats at the theatre along with the Vestal Virgins. The Roman Senate wanted Messalina to have the title of "Augusta"; however, Claudius refused. [PARAGRAPH:1]The ancient Roman sources (particularly Tacitus and Suetonius), portray Messalina as insulting, disgraceful, cruel, avaricious, and a foolish nymphomaniac. Many women of her age and status enjoyed festivities and parties, but the two historians contended that Messalina unwisely combined her zest for meeting people with a sexual appetite.[PARAGRAPH:1]Claudius learned of a plot by Messalina to kill him and ordered the death of Messalina. Messalina was offered the choice of killing herself, but was too afraid to do so, so the officer decapitated Messalina. At the time of Messalina's death, Claudius was attending a dinner. When Messalina's death was announced to him, Claudius showed no emotion, but asked for more wine.[PARAGRAPH:1]In the days after her death, Claudius gave no sign of hatred, anger, distress, satisfaction, or any other human passion. The only ones who mourned for Messalina were her children. The Roman Senate ordered Messalina's name removed from all public or private places and all statues of her were removed.


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