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Vanilla Asset Browser 1.7 (ModBuddy extension) 2016-10-05

Vanilla Asset Browser 1.7 (ModBuddy extension)

  1. CommanderZ
    This extension allows you to browse vanilla assets hierarchy without leaving ModBuddy. Text files will be opened directly in ModBuddy, images, sounds and other files will be opened in their associated programs.

    Advanced usage

    Opening files in external editor
    Simply hold SHIFT while opening and file from the Vanilla Assets :)
    You can change the editor in <ModBuddy folder>/MatejZabsky/ExternalEditorPath.txt

    Advanced search modes
    • Prefix search - add one space character before search query (has no effect on file content search).
    • Regular expression search - if you use any other character than letters, ".", "_" and " ", the search query will be interpreted as PCRE regular expression (for both file name and file content searches).


    1) Download the attached archive and extract it
    2) Register ModBuddy as Visual Studio Isolated Shell
    3) Open the "vsix" file found in the archive
    4) Visual Studio Extension Installer pops up - click Install
    5) Once the installation is complete, close the window
    6) Restart ModBuddy (if it was running)
    7) Go to View->Other Windows->Vanilla Assets
    8) Find the CivilizationV.exe with the dialog box that pops up
    9) You should now see a floating window with root asset directories. Dock it somewhere and you are done :)

    Forum thread:


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