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Various balparmak tweaks for Vox Populi v 2

You can disable any feature by removing the related file

More Movement
Two options:
- Units starting their turn in friendly territory gain +1 movement for the turn. Can be a bit iffy at times, e.g. it takes two turns for the bonus to apply in the lands of a newly founded city.
- (Option: +1 movement for all units, all the time / disabled by default)

Increased Minimum City Settle Distance (CityDistance.sql):
- Increases minimum city distance by one (4 to 5).

Purchase Civilians in Puppets (PuppetCivilianPurchase.sql):
- Allows the purchase of Workers and Workboats in puppet cities, through HungryForFoods' Faith Purchases in Puppets modmod.

Slightly Faster Animations (FasterAnimations.sql):
- Work in progress, currently only makes the basic movement animation and the annoying refacing animation before combat (most obvious with ranged units) faster. I'll eventually try to edit animation files to make them faster, SQL only comes this far.

Pioneers & Colonists form Colonies (Colonies.sql)
- Pioneers and Colonists found Puppet cities which can be annexed at later turns. Will probably work more on this.
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  1. Pioneers and Colonists found puppet cities

    Added an optional feature that makes late settlers found colonies/puppets instead.
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