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Various Vehicles Pack 02 2016-10-05

Various Vehicles Pack 02

  1. KrugerPritz
    KP005 VV02

    Lince my version 3 Euro Camo
    I corrected a little the bonnet and joined the mudguards
    The wheels, the gunner and animations (included) are from Snafusmith's humvee
    The flag is from Asioasioasio Rosomak
    The marines camos are a my modification from Zerver camos
    (The Italian wears the new digital camo)

    meshes uploaded on the Snafusmith's humvee.nif

    the texture is a patch of images found in internet
    I made for Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Norway as these Countries Bought the vehicle, trying to reproduce their vehicles' camo.

    Lince 1825 vert. 865 faces
    Marine 263 vert. 351 faces
    Flag 47 vert. 45 faces

    Mi 35 Brasil.
    As Brasil Is going to buy the Mi35 I made these
    2 textures based on photos about brazilian helicopters,
    For Nautil Mi 24 (included nif).


    Feel free to use as You want!


    1. linceitalianflag_57t.jpg
    2. linceflags_Cw0.jpg
    3. gunshipsingame_4nd.jpg