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Vercingetorix 2016-10-05


  1. C.Roland
    Big thanks to Refar for the export, the material propriety, the noshaders baking and some model fixes

    Based on my old Kylorin leader, with a new armor. It still have some littles glitch (mainly the furious anim and the two gold bands of the cape). We didn't want to pass to much time on it because Refar and I have other plans. The armor was an other test and now, I think we are fine to do a 100% original leader, not a reclycled one. This armor have a baked noshader texture and a normal map generated from a high resolution mesh, so it proves that we can create leadershead like they did at Firaxis.


    1. vercin1_VzM.jpg
    2. vercin_77w.jpg