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Vicevirtuoso's Arturia's Britain (F/SN Saber) Jarcast edit 1.3

Adds Arturia (Saber) from Fate/Stay Night as the leader of the Civilization of Britain.

  1. Corrected an error in the main lua that broke the whole file

    • I forgot to put a "end" to close a function and this made the whole SaberUniquesScript.lua file not working. Fixed it.
    • Deleted the original Events file that give more maluses than bonuses.
  2. Updated Mod Support and deleted dummy general specialist

    • Updated JFD's Cultural Diversity support;
    • Updated YnAEMP to latest version 25;
    • Deleted the dummy specialist for Great General used for Arthurian Court and adjusted lua code accordingly.
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  3. Knight of the Round Table fix for Vox Populi

    The tech-driven combat strength changes are adapted for Vox Populi.