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Victorian Advisors 2016-10-05

Victorian Advisors

  1. Balthasar
    Here are some Victorian advisors that I made for the Steampunk Mod.
    Of course, if you're just tired of the same old advisors, and just want a change of face, you can use these too. They go in the Art/SmallHeads file. The heads themselves aren't mine, they were originally made by R8XFT, CivArmy and Fireaxis.

    EDIT June 21, 2008: This is now version 1.1. The left side icons have been changed to the appearance in the image below. They're now easier to see, more universal, and more animated.


    1. vic_advisors_kS8.jpg
    2. advisor_138.jpg
    3. advisor_icons_5t6.jpg