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Victory Class Star Destroyer 2016-10-05

Technological advancement is a byproduct of war. The battle-marred era marked by the Clone Wars saw the creation of bigger, faster, more heavily armed and armored combat vessels. The best of this bumper crop was the Victory-class Star Destroyer. Designed by Republic engineer Walex Blissex, the Victory was commisioned into service as the wars were drawing to a close. Consequently, though these ships saw little action during the wars, they formed the bulk of the Republic Navy for years following. For a time it seemed these vessels would be replaced by the larger, newer Imperial-class Destroyers, but since the Rebellion moved into full swing the Victory has served in the defense of the Empire. The Victory Star Destroyer carries out three standard mission types: planetary defense, planetary assault and troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. It is much better at the first two than the latter. One of these vessel's most powerful advantages is the ability to enter the upper levels of a planets atmosphere-something the newer Star Destroyers cannot do. This permits precision ground attacks and the pursuit of smaller craft hoping to escape by diving toward planet. The Victory-class vessel's main deficiency is its slow sublight speed. However, it does have rapid hyperspace capabilities and can make jumps quickly.
Craft: Victory-class Star Destroyer (VSD)
Type: Star Destroyer
Scale: Capital
Length: 900 meters
Cargo Capacity: 8,100 metric tons
Crew: 5,200
Defense: 200 SBD Shields and 100 RU Hull
Weapons: 10 Quad Turbolaser Batteries40 Double Turbolaser Batteries10 Tractor Beam ProjectorsConcussion Missiles. In addition to its weaponry, an Victory Star Destroyer carries 2 Squadrons of TIE-class Fighters for a total of 24 and 2,040 Troops
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    Technological advancement is a byproduct of war. The battle-marred era marked by the Clone Wars...
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