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Vietnam War for Test of Time 2017-06-15

Vietnam War for Test of Time

  1. gapetit
    Patrick L. Shephard`s Vietnam War scenario for MGE converted to Test of Time. There are six distinct time periods within this scenario, each with different events. They are listed, together with the range of turns they encompass, in the menu of the Vietnam.bat file and below:
    Pre-Tet: Jan 1965-Oct 1967
    Tet Offensive: Nov 1967-Feb 1968
    Post Tet: Mar 1968-Dec 1969
    Beginning of the End: Jan 1970-Dec 1971
    Endgame: Jan 1972-Dec 1975
    The Domino Effect: Jan 1976-Nov 1979
    -- -- --
    New units by Fairline!


    1. vietnam_i11.png