Vincentz Infinite Projects (VIP Mod)

Vincentz Infinite Projects (VIP Mod) 1.73

First release
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Latest updates

  1. Multi language fixed

    Fixed bug where only English was available.
  2. Fixing stuff

    Changed a couple of units that wasnt mechanized. Primarily early ships and siegeweapons, so they...
  3. Oil stuff

    Fixing faxing fuxing
  4. Back from the dead

    Majors: Pollution, Oil Minor: Buuuunch of stuff.
  5. Movement changes

    Beta version for testing new movement system: Diagonal move cost x1.5 Hill roads nove cost x1.5...
  6. Extra cultural city radius and new space domain

    Added a new domain : Space. Not entirely sure how its going to play out yet though, but...
  7. VIP 1.5

    Changed the way units upgrade: It will take 3 turns until unit is finished upgrading The XP cap...
  8. Limited combat edition

    Combat is limited to 10 combat rounds.
  9. Fixes and features

    Fixed some potential CTDs and added new cursors as well as an enlarged image of the unit selected.
  10. Removed a CTD (Crash to Desktop) so uploading a V1.3C

    The "All units outside borders are always hostile until open borders can be signed" code is...

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