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Vintage D&D Version Troll 2016-10-05

This troll is a version I made for my mod based on how I'd always pictured a troll since I was young. It's based on a vintage D&D troll figure that my brother and I owned (and still have).

I realize that there are already quite a few trolls made and available in this forum, but I wanted to make one that looked like I wanted, and more importantly, that had a claw and bite attack of the trolls in the original rulebook. AFAIK, all the other trolls here fight with weapons (although it is perfectly possible and acceptable for a D&D troll to fight with weapons as well).

I called it a "Wild Troll" merely to differentiate it from the others.

Huge thanks go out to the many that contributed unknowingly to this creation, including Plotinus, whose death animation was used to help speed up the production of the unit, and people like Steph, whose SBB program I used, Utahjazz7 for his unit creation tutorial which I reference for every unit, and the creators of Flicster and Civ3FlcEdit. Oh, and then there's other third parties, such as the creators of all the other non-civ related programs I used. Thank you all! :)

Anyways, hope you enjoy it. A pic of the troll it's based on will be available in the unit forum thread, listed below...

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