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ViSa Expansion Pack 3 - Full v3.25 2016-10-05

ViSa Expansion Pack 3 - Full v3.25

  1. TAfirehawk
    ViSa Expansion Pack 3

    ViSa Modpack Team
    keldath, mrgenie, TAfirehawk, rockinroger and torin23

    Latest Full Version: 3.25

    Designed for Warlords

    Blue Marble Terrain has been added, but can be removed by moving/deleting the ViSa_v3\Assets\BlueMarble3.FPK file.

    ViSa has its own Project & Mod Development Forum now!!!

    If you currently have ViSa Modpack v2.1 or earlier installed, you DO NOT have to remove it to install ViSa Expansion Pack 3. ViSa Modpack v2.1 can exist with ViSa Expansion Pack 3 without any problems, so the choice is yours if you have some old games or MP to finish, then keep it around.

    Previous ViSa v3 will need to be uninstalled....which is easily done via the Start Menu - ViSa Expansion Pack 3 group or via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. This is NOT a patch but a full version only release.

    This updated version is NOT save game compatible, so please finish your current game before updating.

    Please play with language set to English as full translations to any other language are not fully supported at this time.[/INDENT]

    ViSa Expansion Pack 3 Installation and Configuration

    Full Version
    1. This mod is contained in an Automatic Installer, run the EXE and follow the directions. If you downloaded from a site that has a ZIP, please unzip then run the Automatic Installer.
    2. The mod now has its own icon to run, so when the Installer is complete just run ViSa from the icon.
    3. The Automatic Installer will clear the cache AND the custom assets directories. So if you have Blue Marble Terrain or some other things in custom assets then you will need to back them up or reinstall after ViSa is installed.
    4. Please use Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel to remove ViSa to clear the registry keys. DO NOT delete the ViSa_v3 directory in the Warlords\Mods folder.


    The Modified Special Domestic Advisor is enabled by default, but ViSa has two other options that are set in the INI listed above that is located in the Warlords\Mods\ViSa_v3 directory.
    1. ViSa Domestic Advisor = Vanilla Domestic Advisor
    2. ViSa Domestic Advisor = Customizable Domestic Advisor
    3. ViSa Domestic Advisor = Modified Special Domestic Advisor

    Numerous Mod Comps can be turned on/off either at the start of a game or during a game. This allows players to customize their gaming experience and turn off components that slow Civ down in the late game. These are also in the INI listed above.

    MAJOR NOTE on Save Games

    The MAF Work-Around by Nev creates TWO SAVE GAME FILES, one in the regular save location and another in the NCSaver directory. Both of these files are required to load a save and thus both must be copied/uploaded when giving another player your save game.

    Lastly, the NCSaver directory never gets emptied, so it can grow rather large (my two test computers were both near 4GB worth of files in the NCSaver directory) so it is suggested to clean it our periodically.

    NCSaver directory is in \My Games\Warlords\Saves\NCSaver

    ViSa Expansion Pack 3 Highlights

    Spoiler :
    Description/List of Mods Included
    Genetic Era v0.32
    BetterAI Mod
    Tech Editor Mod
    AIAutoPlay Mod
    Mastery/Total Victory Mod included with Genetic Era v0.32
    Plant Forest and Make Jungle included with Genetic Era v0.32
    GoodRandom v0.1 - use a decent random generator that doesn't have overflow problems
    Inquisition Mod
    Military Bases Mod
    Building Civic Prereqs Mod
    Building Heal Rate
    Multi-Building Unit Requirement
    Resource Tech Research Modifier Mod
    MAF Workaround
    Great Doctor popup art with quotes
    Great Statesman popup art with quotes
    New ViSa main menu and loading background
    LeaderHead Non-Shader files from Amra
    Armenia Civ
    Upgradable Buildings included in ViSapedia
    Domestic Advisor Du Jour - make it easy to switch DA's
    New Wonder Movies - Civil Rights, Cold Fusion, Eugenics, Hubble Space Telescope, Human Genome, KGB, Military Strategies and Techniques, Moon Landing, NASA, Sputnik
    New Civic category, Gender - Tribal Family, Polygamy, Patriarchy, Equal Suffrage, Birth Control
    Diplomatic Victory Movie
    Grand game speed - 2500 turns
    Units - Predator missile, Interceptor plane, Glider 1 plane for Zulus, DayHawk plane for Polynesians
    Buildings - Cold Fusion Plant, Particle Accelerator, Human Genome Project, Tackion Energy Plant, Tank Factory, Human Rights Supreme Court, Netherlands Shipyard
    Removed DCM MAD and STACK ATTACK options

    Gameplay Changes
    Swordsman gets 25% defense bonus in Jungle
    Removed Angry Citizens from Emancipation and Gov Funded Healthcare
    Changed Base Attitude and Base Peace Weight for Bhutto, Dom Pedro II, Gjergj, Hiram, Ho Chi Minh, Menzies, Musharraf, Solomon, Taharqa, Teuta, Tymoshenko
    Camelot Crusader movement increased from 1 to 2
    Many, many, many tech costs changed
    Many, many, many prereq techs changed
    National wonders should list 4 now instead of 2
    Great Wall wonder now requires 2 cities
    Roman Roads wonder now requires 2 cities
    All game speeds end in 2100 AD instead of 2050 AD
    Commerce Change Percent to 5%
    Dirty Power Health to -1
    Reduced movement and strength for Ship of the Line
    Reduced max instances of the Tallest Building to 2 and increased cost to build
    Flavian Amphitheater moved to Drama, obsolete with Printing Press and cost increased from 350 to 450
    Hippodrome obsolete with Economics and cost increased from 300 to 400
    Many Units moved and tweaked for cost and ability
    Lemons moved from Metal Carving to Improved Farming
    Metal Carving renamed to Tools
    Uranium, Rubber, Barley, Tobacco, Sulphur, Hemp, Oil bonuses changed
    Reduced Global Warming % chance from 20 to 10
    Increased % XP a Warlord unit receives per battle from 0 to 20
    Increased XP a Warlord unit starts with from 20 to 30
    Increased retained XP after upgrade from 16 to 30
    Tallest Building culture increase a flat 5% instead of exponential

    ViSa Expansion Pack 3 Credits and Thanks
    Spoiler :
    We would like to thank all who made this mod possible:

    Blake and Iustus - simply amazing work on the AI

    TheLopez - for all the mod additions and additions and additions

    jdog5000 - for the AutoAI, we couldn't have been ready 'balanc-wise' before July without it!!!

    Dubmetender, Major and Primemover - for their extensive work on the Genetic Era

    Nev - for doing what Firaxis won't, get us around the MAF crash

    Our Beta Testers - Alondin, amazinggameguru, Arlborn, Axil, blipadouzi, civ4ludo, JohnYoga, Kaiser Franz, Morfydd, seady, soor, V. Soma and WGW

    All unit model makers out there - we used a lot of models and we can't remember all - we are sorry and very thankful for them.

    We thank all the people who helped in reporting bugs to us just by playing this mod, you are doing us a great help and joy.

    And last but not least, thanks to Firaxis for making such a great game and platform to mod.