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(VP) Religious Victory

(VP) Religious Victory v 0.8

Didn't have VP's vassalage references in the VictoryProgress files
Updates after the recent round of Fealty changes.
Key point is there is no "votes from every 10 cities following your religion" because Fealty now supports the Religious Victory and doesn't need the extra help.
The Diplo reduction now kicks in when you get within 30% of the threshold required for the sage.
If you pass the threshold the modifier is doubled in intensity!

The holy site reduction now caps at 30% -- this is mainly for compatibility with the Tibet mod where you can get loads of sites. Most civs probably cant reach 10 in a normal game and still dominate with their religion.

I have also added a little civopedia entry under the victories section to remind you of the steps required to win in-game.
The work around for when your religion is one you've taken from someone else is no longer necessary!
Thanks to axatin for looking at my github ticket.

This most notably fixes a crash that could happen if your capital had no religion when you conquered someone else's
also increased the sage meditate to 25 turns to account for work rate reduction effects
When you purchase a sage, only civs less than friendly will declare war on you (down from everyone)

When you get over 70% spread civs get a -75 diplo modifier with you. Only -30 if they follow your religion (they still don't want to lose!)

Added compatibility for the upcoming Tibet civ's unique holy site
there is a lua problem in the backend
in the mean time we have a work around. may lead to funny behaviour if you take someone else's religion and have not yet/don't spread it to your capital.
better than the whole thing breaking though!
hope to properly fix soon(tm)
Fixed a text error on the victory screen
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