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Wales (Cymru) 2016-10-05

Here is a detailed map of Wales, With Resources. The Names with Brackets around them are Welsh, but ones in plain English are either Too long, or have no change in how they're spelt.

A Very Brief History of Wales;

1 People arrived over the Euro-British land bridge.
2 Cultures spread around Britain.
3 Stone Hendge IS Actually Welsh, As the stones Used were from West -Wales.
4 Roman Invaders had a hard time to take Wales as they said the peoples were Vicious, but built mostly on low lying land.
5 Vikings invaded most of England, Scotland (Not Too Much), and Ireland, But never took Wales. Just a brief few Attacks
6 Owain Glyndwr was Killed (Last King of Wales), after Edward took over modern day Powys.
7.England and Wales joined to form the Slow Basis of the UK
8 Wales helped fuel the Industrial age with Coal, Slate, and Iron Ore
9 Wales had It's own Government but became a Principality
10 Wales is the Homeland of many Famous Singers, and Other peoples.
Eg; Katherine Jenkins, Charlotte Church, Tom Jones etc...
[Doctor Who and Torchwood are made in Wales aswell!]

11- Wales will soon (Hopefully) become Independent {Please don't argue as it's been in Welsh Newspapers!} :lol:
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