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Walking (Ambulatory) Fish 2016-10-05

Walking (Ambulatory) Fish

  1. tom2050
    Walking (Ambulatory) Fish (unit conversion)

    Has Civ Colour.

    Walking fish, sometimes called ambulatory fish, is a general term that refers to fish that are able to travel over land for extended periods of time. Most commonly this term is applied to amphibious fish. Able to spend longer times out of water, these fish may use a number of means of locomotion, including springing, snake-like lateral undulation, and tripod-like walking.

    This specific fish is a fantasy fish, of course!

    Unit32, Large/Small pcx, and Sound Files included. Is an Atlantica Online unit.

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    1. walkingfish_lg_716.jpg
    2. walkingfish_2g9.gif