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War of the Triple Alliance 2016-10-05

War of the Triple Alliance

  1. Userr
    The War of the Triple Alliance, also known as the Paraguayan War, and in Paraguay as the Great War, was fought from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay and the allied countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. It caused more deaths than any other South American war and particularly devastated Paraguay, killing most of its male population.

    Several theories exist regarding the origins of the war. In essence, Argentine revisionism and the Paraguayan traditional view give a preponderant role to the interests of the British Empire. The alternative view emphasizes the aggressive policy of marshal Solano Lopez with respect to the residents of the River Plate region. The war began in late 1864 with combat operations between Brazil and Paraguay; by 1865 it was already being referred to as the “War of the Triple Alliance”.

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    Blanco Party has been removed and isnt playable.
    Thanks to Agarwaen for the map.



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