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Warfare Expanded (for MOAR) 7.3

Missing Units, Land Units, Air Units, Naval Units

  1. Wolfdog
    Latest Version on Steam
    Latest version does not require MOAR.


    Adds new Land, Naval and Air units to Civ VI. The aim is to have no era gaps in each unit line. New Air Attack line has been added with 4 types of attack aircraft, a new Heavy Naval Ranged line, a Marine line and a Automatic Gun line (thanks to @Laurana Kanan).

    PLEASE NOTE: This version is no longer supported.

    Must have MOAR units by @Deliverator.

    Now compatible with Rise & Fall expansion.
    Now compatible with MOAR Core.
    Compatible with MOAR DLC ad-dons.
    Compatible with Civ6-YnAMP.
    Compatible with R.E.D. for Warfare Expanded.

    NOT compatible with Immersive Eras mod.
    NOT compatible with Brasil All Units mod.

    Upgrade from Aircraft Carrier to Supercarrier at your own risk. Please remove all aircraft from Aircraft Carrier before upgrading or you will loose your planes. I have no fix for this.

    Spoiler Land Units :

    Spoiler Land Units 2 :

    Spoiler Land Units 3 :
    New Land Units
    Motorized Infantry (Sd.Kfz 251)
    Composite Bowman
    Field Gun (7.7cm Field Gun by snafusmith)
    Assault Gun (ISU-152)
    Self-proppeled Gun (M109 Paladin by snafusmith)
    Heavy Infantry (parts by Deliverator)
    Tanks Destroyer (Jagdpanzer IV)
    Armoured Cavalry (Armored Car by snafusmith)
    Armoured Horseman
    Landship Mark V (WW1 Tank from Civ 5)
    Howitzer (Heavy Cannon from Civ 5)
    Mobile Artillery (Sturmtiger)
    Naval Infantry
    Modern Marine (AAV-7A1)
    Gunship (Hind-D from Civ 5)
    Line Infantry
    Spoiler Air Units :
    New Air Units
    Great War Bomber (Gotha)
    Stealth Fighter (Su-57)
    Stealth Bomber (B-2)
    Great War Ground Attack (Airco DH.4)
    Ground Attack (Ju 87 Stuka)
    Jet Ground Attack ( A-10)
    Stealth Attack (F-35)
    Spoiler Naval Units :
    WarfareExpanded8.png WarfareExpanded6.png WarfareExpanded7.png
    New Naval Units
    Corvette (Privateer from Civ5)
    Missile Destroyer (Udaloy class)
    Supercarrier (Nimitz class from Civ4)
    Galleass (from Civ 5)
    Armored Cruiser (from Pouakai's The Enlightenment Era Civ 5 mod)
    Battlecruiser (Baltimore class by Darnell)
    Galleon (from Civ 5)
    Ship Of The Line (from Civ 5)
    Pre-Dreadnought Battleship (Schleswig-holstein class)
    Attack Submarine (Soviet Alfa class)

    Bonus Unit Models

    Modern Infantry added to Mechainzed Infantry next to existing unit model
    Sprut-SD Modern Tank Destroyer added to Modern AT next to existing unit model
    Anti-tank Gun has replaced AT Crew and AT Crew has been moved to be part of Motorised Infantry
    Leopard 2 - Modern Armor CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean
    LAV-25 - Mechanized Infantry CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean
    Arleigh Burke - Missile Destroyer CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean
    Kuznetzov - Supercarrier CV for Eastern Europe, East Asia and Mughal
    Ticonderoga Class - Missile Cruiser CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean
    Kirov Class - Missile Cruiser CV for Eastern Europe, East Asia and Mughal
    Redoutable class Ironclad (from Civ 5) - Ironclad CV for Northern Europe and Mediterranean

    • All Atomic Era and onward Melee, Ranged and Anti-Mounted units are now mechanized/motorised and have a movement of 4.
    • Increased air range to 5 for Biplane, 8 for Fighter/P-51 and 10 for Jet Fighter mainly because I thought default ranges were way to small especially for large maps.
    • Added a new Ground Attack Class.
    • Added 6 new promotions - 4 for ground attack, 2 for bombers & 1 for fighters.
    • Moved Destroyer to Radio to be in the same era as the Battleship.
    • Moved Caravel to Military Tactics to make room for Corvette.
    • Replaced the AT Gun flag & portrait.
    • Added Eastern Europe unit cultural group with Russia as its only member.
    • Increased Hopolite strength to 27.
    • Increased the size of the Ironclad and Missile Cruiser.
    • Renamed (French) Marine to Troupe de marine and changed it to replace Naval Infantry instead of Musketman.
    • Changed Jong to upgrade to Armored Cruiser.
    • Added new promotion class for Heavy Naval Ranged.
      Added new promotion class for Marines (special thanks to Magic90).
    • Added new promotion class for Automatic Gun (special thanks to Laurana Kanan).
    View attachment 477606
    View attachment 477607
    View attachment 477608

    Unit Upgrade Paths
    Melee: Warrior -> Swordsman -> Longswordsman -> Musketman -> Rifleman -> Infantry -> Motorised Infantry -> Mechainized Infantry
    Ranged: Slinger -> Archer -> Composite Bowman -> Crossbowman -> Culverin -> Field Cannon -> Field Gun -> Assault Gun -> Self-proppeled Gun
    Anti-Mounted: Spearman -> Heavy Infantry -> Pikeman -> Pike & Shot -> Line Infantry -> Anti-tank Artillery -> Tank Destroyer -> Modern AT
    Light Cavalry: Rider -> Horseman -> Lancer -> Cavalry -> Armored Cavalry -> Air Cavalry (Helicopter) -> Gunship
    Heavy Cavalry: Heavy Chariot -> Armored Horseman -> Knight -> Reiter -> Cuirasser -> Landship -> Tank -> Modern Armor
    Fighter: Early Fighter -> Fighter -> Jet Fighter -> Stealth Fighter
    Bomber: Early Bomber -> Bomber -> Jet Bomber -> Stealth Bomber
    Ground Attack: Early Ground Attack -> Ground Attack -> Jet Ground Attack -> Stealth Ground Attack
    Naval Melee: Galley -> Caravel -> Corvette -> Ironclad -> Destroyer -> Missile Destroyer
    Naval Ranged: Quadrireme -> Galleass -> Frigate -> Armored Cruiser -> Battlecruiser -> Missile Cruiser
    Naval Bombard: Galleon -> Ship Of The Line -> Pre-Dreadnought -> Battleship
    Marine: Naval Infantry -> Marine -> Modern Marine
    Siege: Catapault -> Trebuchet -> Bombard -> Howitzer -> Artillery -> Mobile Artillery -> Rocket Artillery
    Automatic Gun: Gatling -> Machine Gun

    Bugs known issues
    There is a slight delay with gunship firing rockets and them hitting the target for some reason.
    UAV does not have any good animations to use so its works like a helicopter.
    Supercarrier has issues with aircraft getting deleted when upgrading from Aircraft Carrier.
    Tested Battlecruisers and you only get one instead of two with Venitian arsenal.
    Some slight animation tansition errors with the Howitzer.

    @Deliverator (recycled some of his parts), @snafusmith (Airco DH.4, Field Gun, Armored Car and SP Gun), @bernie14 (Field gun crew) and @Darnell (Armored Cavalry).
    Also thanks to @Tolerant for the Russian text and @HAPPYWORLD for the Chinese text.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Unzip the zip file.
    2. The Warfare Expanded directory should be copied into your Mods folder (.../Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/).
    3. Enable Warfare Expanded via the checkbox under Additional Content (should be enabled by default but just in case).


    1. LandUnits.png
    2. UpgradePath2s.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. pyyric
    Version: 7.3
    It definitely expands unit tree viability and accomplishes the goal of smoothing out the upgrade tree, but it's too much for me. Too many units and too many upgrades.

    This is specific to land units, which is unfortunate. Fleshing out Civ6's lacking naval and air options is done well
  2. Makeins
    Version: 7.1
    Excellent! It remains only to translate some units and classes into Russian.
  3. Kevin Rennyer
    Kevin Rennyer
    Version: 7.0
    One of the best mods on the site. I can build an army of the dreams of any patriot.
  4. Macca!
    Version: 6.0
    great units,a must have mod!
  5. Golan v
    Golan v
    Version: 1.0
    Works perfact!
    The Ai are using tham very often
    It looks now more realistic