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Warfare Expanded (for MOAR) 7.3

Missing Units, Land Units, Air Units, Naval Units

  1. Marines

    Added new promotion class for Heavy Naval Ranged.
    Added new promotion class for Marines (special thanks to @Magic90).
    Fixed pbr textures for halftrack, SP Gun, assault gun, field gun.
    Changed Jong to upgrade to Armored Cruiser.
    Replaced F-35 with Su-57 as stealth fighter.
    Replaced F-117 with F-35 as stealth attack plane.
    Added Civ 5 Ironclad (redoutable class) as Med and Northern Europe CV.
    Added Howitzer (Heavy Cannon from Civ5) to the siege line.
    Added Mobile Artillery (Sturmtiger) to the siege line.
    Added Naval Infantry to the Industrial era.
    Renamed (French) Marine to Troupe de marine and changed it to replace Naval Infantry instead of Musketman.
    Added Marine to the Atomic era.
    Added Modern Marine with AAV-7A1 to the Information era.
    Added Attack Submarine to Information era.
    Moved Modern Sniper to Composites.
    Moved Galleass to Cartography.
    Moved Ship Of The Line to Astronomy.
    Moved Pre-Dreadnought to Rifling.
    Moved Recon to Chemistry.
    Moved the Cartography tech to the Medieval era.
    Moved Caravel back to Cartography.
    Moved Corvette to Square Rigging.
    Increased Hopolite strength to 27.
    Increased the size of the Ironclad and Missile Cruiser.
    Updated Russian text and fixed Russian text spill into english text.
    Now compatible with MOAR core (special thanks to @Deliverator).
    Changed Battleship and UU's not to upgrade to anything.
    Turned off Zone of Control for Air Cavalry (Helicopter).
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