Warhammer Fantasy Mod 2.5 2016-10-05

Warhammer Fantasy Mod 2.5

  1. mrtn
    What to expect:
    A thoroughly tested fantasy mod based on Games Workshop's Warhammer world. 29 civilizations, more than 450 units. Dwarfs, elves, orcs, vampires, demons, dragons and wizards.

    Some of the changes:
    -New Civilizations: Skaven and Beastmen
    -New barbarians: Ghouls and Skeletons created by the evil Necrarch vampires
    -Over 70 new building graphics
    -Over 70 new and updated units, including unit lines for the Skaven and Beastmen
    -New Wonders and Improvements
    -New and modified techs
    -and too much to list here!
    See the forum thread for installation instructions.

    Added to the database after 130 downloads.
    New download link added 2015-08-04.