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Warhammer Lizardman Pack 1 2018-03-18

Warhammer Lizardman Pack 1

  1. Nomad or What
    Warhammer Lizardman Pack 1, designed for Civitar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles mod. Much of the source art is derived from Medieval II's Call of Warhammer: Beginning of The End Times mod, to whom proper credit is due. Pack 1 contains Spearman and Dino Rider.

    Dino Rider uses CiV African Forest Elephant animations, sounds, and effects. Dinosaur from Wildlife Park 2 and converted by Deliverator. Spearman uses CiV spearman animations, sounds, and effects.


    1. lizardmenpack1.jpg
    2. WH_LM_Spearman.jpg
    3. dinorider.jpg
    4. WH_LM_DinoRiders.jpg