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Warlords 2.08 patch for Kets Unaltered Gameplay 2016-10-05

Warlords 2.08 patch for Kets Unaltered Gameplay

  1. Eusebius
    PUBLIC BETA TEST NOTICE: For the moment, I am putting this patch up for people who liked Ket's mod to test and see if it works well.

    NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY A PATCH. You must download Ket's orginal mod first and then put these files over the top of his.

    I am one of many who really appreciated Ket's Unaltered But Flavorful Gameplay (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=184472&pp=20). This excellent mod incorporated many other mods that enhanced the look of the game, but didn't alter actual game play. Unfortunately, Ket hasn't been heard from in a while. I really wanted a version of this mod for Warlords 2.08 and so I have created this patch myself. I would be happy to turn it over to Ket if he would like.

    I will be monitoring Ket's development thread (above) for feedback about this patch. In particular, I am confused by the plot enhancements mod and can't tell if it is functioning correctly or not.