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[Warlords] Forsaken Composite Mod v0.1w 2016-10-05

Forsaken Composite Mod v0.1w
By: TheLopez

Patch Compatibility: Warlords v2.0.0.0
MP Compatible: ?

The Forsaken Composite mod was assembled by request of Forsaken. It includes a
various amount of different mods by several people in CFC.

This mod integrates the following mods:
- Three Square Radius Cities Mod v2.0 by Roger Bacon, warlords version by Konradius
- Cultural Influences v0.3w by TheLopez
- Dales Combat Mod v1.03 by Dale
- Improvements Outside Borders v0.1.1w by TheLopez
- JZoC Mod v0.1 by Jeckel
- Pirates Mod v0.3w by TheLopez
- Better Ship Scale Basic v1.0 by Elohim
- Real Epic v0.4 by Shadowlord

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip this into the "warlords_install_folder\Mods\" folder.
2) Open the CivilizationIV.ini configuration file
3) Change the Mod line to read: Mod = Mods\Forsaken Composite Mod
4) Load the game.
5) Then play as normal.

-----Version Information-----


- Initial creation of the mod

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier
Composite Mod - readme.txt format

- Forsaken
For proposing this mod
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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