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[Warlords]Kets Unaltered But Flavorful Gameplay 2016-10-05

[Warlords Mod]Ket's Unaltered But Flavorful Gameplay​
Version 1.0 (Release)​
For Warlords Version 2.0.0 (Warlords Release)


Please download this patch and unzip/unrar it into your Kets Unaltered Gameplay folder when asked if you wish to overwrite files say yes. Patch sync's python directory, add's era graphics, puts back in attitude icons.
Patch 1.2 is now obsolete as patch 1.3 includes it.
New Patch link please download even if you have 1.2

Patch is at [URL=""]

Somewhere between Vanilla and the huge Mod Composites there lies a place, a place with lots of flavor where Vanilla has never tasted so good. Come let me take you to that place...

Design Goals:
The purpose of this mod is two fold. First to create a base mod that has the play of Vanilla but yet adds lots of flavor into the game. The only changes that will be made are Game Play Enhancements (New Advisor Screens, Auto Unit Rename, Yet Another Game Clock), Cosmetic (Formations, Ethnically Diverse Units, Other Flavor Units). As well as create a framework to layer on top Add-on features that may or may not alter game play. (Promotion Add On Complete, Civ Gold Add On Planned) The Add-On features will be optional as to not disturb the Unaltered nature of the mod, but must be made easy to install and layer on top of the existing system.

Whats Inside:
Regiments Mod By seZereth, Porges
Ethnically Diverse Units By Rabbit, White
Units Statistics By Teg_Navanis
New Flavor Units By Many (See Credits)
Gameplay Changes Removed But All The Flavor Kept
  • 24 Civ SDK Change By Rhye
Compiled Maps Edited To Work Under 24 Civ DLL Only
MP Camera Zoom Fix
Unit Rename Fix
City Happyness Display Fix
Spoiler :

From EDU 3.5
- default Settler with bigger "family" and a wagon
- Caucasian Scout
- African Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Native Scout, Settler, Warrior and archer
- Arabian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Asian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Indian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Egyptian Settler, Scout, Warrior and Archer
- Mongolian settler
- Celtic Archer
- Persian Archer
- Celtic Spearman
- Arabian Spearman
- Asian Spearman
- Caucasian Spearman
- Mongolian Spearman
- Chinese Chariot
- Celtic Chariot
- Caucasian Horsearcher (Horseman)
- Egyptian Horsearcher
- Roman Horsearcher
- Greek Horsearcher (Companion Cavalry)
- Egyptian Axeman
- Chinese Swordsman
- Asian Longbowman
- Mongolian Longbowman
- American, British, German, Ottoman, Italian and Russian Infantry
- African Horseman, and War Elephant
- Greek Swordsman (Hypaspist)
- Sworsdman Indian
- Swordsman Arabian
- War Elephant Caucasian
- Celtic Warrior now with club (does no more match exactly Galic Warrior)
- Churchill MkIV (tank - England) by snafusmith
- B1Bis (tank - France) by snafusmith
- T-34 (tank - Russian) by sharick
- PzKpfw VI Tiger (tank - replace German UU) by Nautils
- T-72 (modern armor - Arabian, African) by snafusmith
- Leopard 2A5 (modern armor - German) by snafusmith / baal_isidro
- T-84 (modern armor - Russian, Mongol) by snafusmith / baal_isidro
- M1A1 Abrams (modern armor - American) reskin by baal_isidro
- Type 99 (modern armor - China, Korea) by snafusmith
- BTR 80 (mechanized infantery - NONE) by snafusmith
- Ship Asian (galley - Asian) from Warlords
- HE 111 (bombardier - German) by nautil
- B17g (bombardier - American) by nautil
- SM-79 SPARVIERO (bombardier - Rome) by ???
- A6M Zero (fighter - Japan) by ???
- FW-190 (fighter - German) by Nautil
- IL 2 (fighter - Russian) by Nautil
- P40 Warkhawk (fighter - China "flying tiger") by ???
- P40 Warkhawk (fighter - France) by ???
- P47 Thunderbolt (fighter - American) by ???
- Spitfire (fighter - England) by Nautil
- F-15 (jet fighter, American) by Rabbit, White
- Mig 21 (jet fighter, Arabian, African) by Nautil
- Su-33 Blue camo (jet fighter, Russian, India) by Nautil
- Su-33 Desert camo (jet fighter, China, mongol) by Nautil
- Tornado (jet fighter, England, German) by Conquests
- Mirage 2000 (jet fighter, France) by Conquests / Gedemon
- Mi24 Hind (gunship - Arabian, African) by Nautil
- Ka50 Hokum (gunship - Russian, Mongol) by Nautil
- Marine with M16 (marine - west block) by Gedemon, M16 from snafusmith's weapon pack
- HUMVEE (& desert camo) (gunship follower) by snafusmith / The Lopez
- Modern Grenadier (marine follower) by AlazkanAssassin

Installation: (Format OF Install Instructions From Amra)

Extract this file to your Warlords "Mods" folder within the game directory. For example, C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\MODS. It should create a folder called "Kets Unaltered Gameplay" that will include all of the modpack files. In game, click on "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod" to play. If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 then edit the "CivilizationIV.ini" file in your "\My Documents\My Games\Warlords" directory. Search for "Mod = 0" and change it to "Mod = Mods\Kets Unaltered Gameplay".


Run GreatPersonArtPath.bat in the modpack directory to set the GP Mod art path. This only modifies one file called "" located in the "Kets Unaltered Gameplay\Assets\Python" directory but is important for the mod component to work properly.

Please note that Multiplayer requires all players to have the same version of this mod installed and loaded when playing.

Known Issues:
* A Few Of The Units Do Not Display Properly In The Pedia or Unit Stats Box. The Appear Fine In Game
* Formations are still being tweaked, I am unsure how the slowdown would be on a marathon 24 civ game your milage may vary.
* You MUST run the batch file explained above to get the Great Person Mod to work, but thats easy just click it, you know you want to.
* Plot List Enhancement Shows Up In World Builder
* Many Vs. 1 Unit Combat takes a bit longer, in general combat takes longer but looks better.
* 24 Civ Maps have the scoreboard bleed into the city screen no real effect but slightly annoying.
* Battleships and Carriers may be a bit to big under the system
* Only Maps Edited to work with 24 players (even if they are not 24 player maps they still need to be edited) will work
To Do List:
* Evaluate which civs get the new special flavor units
* Release Promotion System As An Add (DONE!!!)
* Release Civ Gold For Warlords As An Add On
* TheLopez Specialist Stacker
First release
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