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[Warlords - MOD] España 1936 2016-10-05

[Warlords - MOD] España 1936

  1. Fabrysse
    ESPAÑA 1936
    v1.1.5w (for Warlords only)
    (updated on Aug 27, 2007)

    Background :
    May 1936 : The Spanish people have just voted and the "Frente Popular" (Popular Front) won. Manuel Azaña, you're the new President of Spain.
    The "Frente Popular" has promised a lot of social improvement, and republican people want the new government to do them. But the fascists growth every where in Europe. Will a civil war, a revolution spread in Spain ?...
    What wil happen on july ? And after, will communists and anarchists stay joined to fight facists ?

    Available languages :
    English & French.

    Two URL to download this file : :