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[Warlords] Naval Expansion Programme V 0.3 2016-10-05

The Naval Expansion Programme Beta V 0.3

Development Thread
Comment Thread
Unit Infos Fix
Fixed XML File. Goes in Naval Expansion Programme\Assets\XML\Units which is normally located in Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods. Let it replace the file that is there already.
I messed up on one of the tags so and didn't have a chance to see it before I uploaded here.
This fixes the error you would get on startup when loading 0.3 without it.

V 0.3:

-Added Unique Ship units for most of the Civilizations. The only ones that I did not do are one that I either haven't found a suitable one, or haven't chosen one yet.

-I have also added a trade route system as I would love to see it in BTS. It is basically roads on water. You require them to trade for oversea resources, and also to gain Trade Routes in your city with oversea cities (Including you own.
I have tested it for the player, but not yet have had time to see if the AI will build it.

Please tell me your thoughts and opinions.

V 0.2:

On recommendation I deleted maybe 10 ships or so, as it was quite hectic between Steam Power and Combustion so..

After playing most of a game on normal speed, it still is a little full between Galleons and Ironclads, but nonetheless fun. Also in the WW2 to modern era it is very short and I didn't get to build much, but that was mainly cause there was no oil on my island and it took me a while to acquire some.

You now cannot build a lot of ships without investing in the Shipyards, but they will pay off also (A new National Shipyard wonder, looking for a good name).

You can now not upgrade most ships to the next as historically you couldn't, but there is at the moment another option to make them useful after their time.

Why it is so full is it is geared to make Marathon games more interesting, after a while they get a little monotonous at sea when all you can build are Frigates, Galleons, Destroyer, Battleships, subs and carriers.

8 Naval Oriented Promotions to add a 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' idea so Destroyers bear Submarines that beat Battleships that beat Destroyers.
Most of these ships are probably unneeded, and at the moment there is no Python or SDK work though I want to that later.

I made this specifically to make it more enjoyable to build a large fleet, and add a few ships I thought were missing (Ship of the Line, AEGIS Cruiser, Nuclear Submarine etc.)

If you download it, please tell me what you think, especially criticisms as I know it is far from perfect.

I want to add later quite a few more promotions, a couple naval buildings that will help make it more 'realistic' in a fun way. I also am thinking of adding a Unique ship for every Civilization, plus a couple more types of ship.

Right now it is compatible with Warlords 2.08, but a lot of this is being geared for the new expansion pack, Beyond the Sword, since I learned there is to be trade routes.

Thanks to: ArdRaeiss, C.Roland, CdGGambit, Chamaedrys, danrell, snafusmith and kodzi for graphics and Goodgame, AThousandYoung, Lord Neil for research, Dom Pedro II for some python work, encouragement and ideas.
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