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Warlords Of Bitterfrost Version 2 2020-01-20

A Fantasy Colony-Building Adventure!

  1. CurtSibling
    On a dangerous island, anarchy and adventure awaits!

    Hi there, brave mercenaries - I had made some cosmetic and mechanic changes to Bitterfrost, to take
    advantage of the ToTPP patches, so I present the latest update of my non-magic fantasy scenario for you.

    Take control of an expedition from one of various kingdoms and colonize, conquer and construct your way
    to glory and power. There are various routes that suit most play styles, but always keep your defences up.

    I have included a PDF to explain the background, and events will also provide help. I hope you enjoy!

    Installation is the usual CIV2 ToT proceedings, and take note that the scenario now requires ToTPP.
    Any problems ask on the thread. :)

    The art, characters and concepts for this series is from a comic adventure I created, called "King Evil".