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Warlords of Bitterfrost 2016-10-05

Warlords of Bitterfrost

  1. CurtSibling

    Welcome back to Bitterfrost! I have been creating and evolving these scenarios since the old days of CIV-II MGE, and this is the latest in quite a long line. The concept has grown along with a little comic book I produce called "King Evil", which has helped formulate ideas for these scenarios, along with the scenarios helping introduce inspiration for the comic tales. Both creative endeavours ended up feeding into each other. I suspect the storyline behind "Warlords of Bitterfrost" will definitely find itself in print one day. Some artwork from the comic has found its way into this readme document, and I hope you enjoy my meagre efforts...

    Dedicated to the small (but splendid) CIV2 community, this scenario is hoped to be an interesting and fresh fantasy adventure. The action takes place in a strange world that sports no magic, trolls, wizards or other (perhaps over-done) staples of the fantasy genre, but does feature interesting characters, detailed cultures, and its own sense of humour.

    Before you load up "Warlords of Bitterfrost", please make sure you have CIV-II Test of Time installed and patched to the latest version. Also having a clean installation might be desirable. Make sure the game installation you decide to use allows custom sprites to allowed, and options for any GFX override are at the correct setting, as this scenario makes use of "CivSprite" to make some generic units have faction colours. By now, most CIV2 players know how to create a new scenario folder and install the files, so I won't labour the point here. In short, create a new folder in your CIV2 directory, called "Warlords of Bitterfrost" or similar. Copy all the zipped files into this folder, and you are ready to go.
    This scenario is ONLY for ToT.

    Please check out the PDF enclosed with the scenario for ReadMe data and more.

    Thanks for playing and Check out the SL thread to give feedback/bugs, etc!


    1. readme_image1_OzV.png
    2. wob1_4q0.png
    3. wob2_i5m.png
    4. wob3_uIH.png
    5. map1_0wX.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. 2civ8culthw
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Big fan of the Bitterfrost series!!