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Warrior Mage 2016-10-05

Warrior Mage

  1. esvath
    Be steadfast. The backlash of magic is no easier to overcome than hordes of Goblin raiders.

    (instruction to first-semester adepts in Bannor Magic Academy)

    (These are essentially reskins of my previous reskins -the Warrior Priest- for the Bannor. Since many argued that the former reskins lack of "mage-y things" as glows, knife and staff, I renamed them as Warrior Priest. This is the new version, similar models with various enchantment to make them more "mage-y" :lol:)

    (I hope many will like both versions)

    (v2 : several improvements by The_Coyote)


    1. civ4screenshot0061_crop_NoH.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0062_crop_gka.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0066_crop_qn6.jpg